Betsy Ross Flag

This American flag (Betsy Ross flag) is designed after the original flag designed by a small committee in 1776. The 13 five-pointed stars represents the 13 original colonies of the United States.  We designed this piece for anyone who is a patriot or loves displaying our red, white and blue.  As you look at this piece you will notice the light (outside of a barrel stave) and dark pieces of wood that alternate the stripes of the flag.  The dark wood is the inside of the stave where the inside of the barrel has been charred.  The reason they char the inside of the barrel:

-It helps give whiskey that distinct smokey flavor.

-When applying heat to wood, the pores in the wood open up more, allowing for better penetration of the wood by the whiskey. This also, allows for the whiskey to absorb the wood flavoring better.

-Sterilization of the interior of the barrel. You can’t clean the barrel with water because that’ll dilute the whiskey, and chemicals could poison the drinker. Also, sterilizing with whiskey is a waste of product, and using any other alcohol will throw off the flavor.

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  • Type of Barrel: Various
  • Size: 35" wide and 22" tall
  • Cost: $300 + shipping

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