Our story starts inside of a garage turned workshop in Louisville, Kentucky. We were given a few staves from a bourbon barrel and turned it into our BBC State of Kentucky. The BBC State of Kentucky and 3 brothers would become the start of ALL3N Bourbon Barrel Crafts. Since then our workshop has turned into a warehouse full of Kentucky Bourbon Barrels and custom designed pieces for our customers to enjoy.

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Crafted in Kentucky

Every piece we design and make is crafted in Louisville, KY. We are based in the city known for "The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports", Louisville Slugger and near many of your favorite Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries. Our work reflects what it means to be from Kentucky and to be Kentucky Proud.


We focus on the quality of every piece we make for our customers. Every barrel we break down and every cut we make is done with careful calculation. Our product is sure to impress and be an item you will cherish for a lifetime.


What sets us apart from other shops? We can make anything you can imagine. Our crew has the best talent when it comes to making an idea turn into a reality.

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Our Barrels

All of the barrels we use come from some of the top bourbon distillers in the state of Kentucky. We handpick the best Kentucky Bourbon Barrels to craft a product above the rest.

The Crew

So if your wondering why ALL3N, it's simple...There are 3 founding members and they all share the name Allen/Alan. The 3 of us were born and raised near Louisville, KY. We have a diverse background in woodworking, design and technology which gives us the ability to take on any task. We are ALL-3-N on making the finest bourbon barrel products in the market.

Our Story

E. Allen Frye

His love for woodworking began when he was a young child helping his dad in the garage restore antique furniture. He continued to refine his woodworking skills working with his dad as he grew up. With his background in woodworking and growing up in the state that is known for its bourbon, he decided to make a one of kind gift for his best man in his wedding, P. Allen. Little did he know at the time that this one of kind gift would be the birth of the BBC State of Kentucky. E. Allen is very meticulous when it comes to his work, leaving all BBC customers thrilled with their authentic Bourbon Barrel Craft.

Our Story

P. Allen

He is a self taught artist who has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. Winning several awards as a kid and then a national award in high school, He has continued to used his creativity in several different outlets like mural painting, wood burning, business logo design, tattoo design and custom furniture. He loves to work with his hands and has a passion for art. Having worked in construction, industrial maintenance and cnc machining he has honed a wide variety of skills that gives ALL3N an upper hand on competitors. P. Allen loves a challenge and to make a thought a reality and that's what keeps our customers coming back.

Our Story

P. Alan Eisenback

When it comes to media, design and technology, he has quite the résumé. A former executive producer on morning radio in Nashville, TN where he was responsible for editing all things media. Visual design and creativity was a key competent for his success in media. He has spent 10 years in product manufacturing and he was one of the highest ranking individuals for quality control in the company. With all that experience, P. Alan is one of the reasons ALL3N excels in customer service and customer satisfaction. ALL3N strives to give customers a quality product and the very best experience.

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