Kentucky BBC Mini State


This Kentucky BBC Mini State is a miniature version of our BBC State of Kentucky. But no matter the size you can display your Kentucky Pride with this Kentucky Bourbon Barrel item.  Perfect to display on your dresser, bookcase, nightstand or anywhere you’d like.



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Kentucky BBC Mini State

Made from 100% authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.  This is a miniature version of our BBC State of Kentucky. Perfect to display around your house or at work. This item will sit on any flat surface, as seen in the images above. If you would like a personalized mini state, check out our other mini states in our store! We love making custom orders

This item is approximately 9″ wide and 4″ tall, measured at the widest and tallest part.

All items can slightly vary in size and shade.  

Our Crew designs and develops all of our BBC products.

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