50 Star Bourbon Barrel American Flag


This 50 Star American flag is designed after the traditional red, white and blue. Each row has a bourbon barrel stave , that has been cut piece by piece and secured to a flat board. This piece was designed for anyone who is a patriot or loves displaying our red, white and blue.  As you look at this piece you will notice the light wood (outside of a barrel stave) and dark pieces of wood (inside of a barrel stave) that alternate to create the stripes of the flag.


50 Star Bourbon Barrel American Flag

This 50 Star Bourbon Barrel American Flag is made from authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrel staves. We cut the bourbon barrel staves piece by piece and secure each piece to a flat board. The 50 five pointed stars, you see in this flag, measure 1″ x 0.15″ and is not made from bourbon barrel wood. This item includes wall hanging hardware, at no additional cost, to display this amazing Bourbon Barrel Craft.

This item is approximately 30″-34″ wide x 17″-21″ tall, measured from the widest and tallest part.

All items can slightly vary in size and shade.

Our Crew designs and develops all of our BBC products.

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