Hand-burned Prohibition Era Hoop Head (Edition #1)


This is the first edition in a series of hand-drawn & hand-burned barrel top art. Our artist uses a wood-burning pen to hand-draw these original designs. The two men in this picture are in a conversation, set during the Probation era, inside a stillhouse that is aging Kentucky Bourbon. You will receive a certificate of authenticity stating this item is 1 of 1, which barrel it came from and a message from the artist. As our artist goes back to the barrel drawing board for the next edition in this series, don’t miss your opportunity to own this amazing item!

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Hand-burned Prohibition Era Hoop Head (Edition #1) (1 of 1)

This Hand-burned Prohibition Era Hoop Head (Edition #1) is cut from the top of an 100% authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrel. Each image in this series is an original design and created by ALL3N. We have preserved the barrel ring and left the ring attached to the barrel top.  You can display this item on your wall with the provided hanging wire on the back of the barrel top.

This item is approximately 21.5″ wide x 22″ tall, measured at the widest and tallest part

Our Crew designs and develops all of our BBC products.

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